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In the previous podcast, I concluded that religious beliefs exist only to benefit their own progeny, not ours. In their struggle to assert themselves and dominate our minds, the memes inside our heads are commandeering us to wage war against each other and we simply become collateral damage. The sad thing is, even if many people kill and die for these beliefs, they are not alive. Yet many of us choose to act upon them and so manifest themselves in our world.

In this podcast I argue against the idea that everyone should believe in whatever they want to believe to the extent that we should not even question whether these beliefs are true, valid or supported by evidence.

This Sunday, 7th of September 2014, Chapter 19 of the Tyranny of God, Why We Need to Justify Our Beliefs.

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I am NOT saying that all religious ideas are bad. All I am saying is that there are plenty of religious preachings that contradict each other, as well as our instinctual sense of right and wrong, including many of the things we know to be factually correct based from evidence gathered from our individual observations and through scientific methods.

All I am advocating for is the need to discuss the impact of religious ideas on the way we as individuals and as societies, live our lives. If we do not, we will all suffer the consequences of operating our societies based on false premises and beliefs.

Most of us assume that religions are benign. Going to church, for example, is just a social gathering, for many of us who are moderately religious. We often fail to see or question how organised religions, including religious beliefs and ideas exacerbate, and sometimes cause, the problems of the many issues we face today:

1. Terrorism

2. Freedom Of Speech and Expression

3. Honour killings

4. Genetal mutilation

5. Denial of Gay Rights

6. Denial of Women's Rights

7. AIDS and condoms

8. Teenage Pregnancy

9. Stem Cell Research

10. Euthanasia

And many more...

Our religions are involved in our politics. They will to shape the laws in which we all live by. So long as this is the case, then it is everybody's responsibility and obligation to investigate, criticise and scrutinise them as we do any political party.

Our religions are involved in commerce. They are selling us their own version of the truth. Religions and sects are selling books, DVDs, CDs and other gizmos while recruiting many members from whom they can extract donations and other forms of financial contribution. As consumers and potential customers of such organisations, we are all entitled to question and ask: Is this really what is right for me, for my children and for other people I know?

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