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Here are films deserving of special mentions and are highly-recommended.

Sunday, 05 April 2009 00:01

Film: The Quest For Fire

Written by

If you want to see what it must have been like for our ancestors 80,000 years ago, watch this 1981 film called The Quest For Fire, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

For our ancestors, fire was the currency of their time: whoever possessed it, had power. This film shows the quest of three men who venture out to ?steal? fire from other tribes after having lost theirs.

Scientists were consulted to make this film as plausible, and as realistic, as possible.

The first scenes made me appreciate how it must have been like for our ancestors? naked, and vulnerable to predators and disease in a violent, lawless world.

I did not know about this film and it is about twenty years old. I wish more science-inspired films like this are made.