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Talks, Speeches and Interviews featuring Marquez Comelab on Reasonism, Atheism and his book The Tyranny of God.

Morality Does Not Come From Religion Lecture by Marquez Comelab, author of The Tyranny of God organised by The Atheist Society, conducted in the Unitarian Church in Melbourne, Australia. 8th March 2011.

It has always been proposed by the religious that without religion, humanity will succumb to chaos and destruction. In a lecture organised by The Atheist Society in the Unitarian Church in Melbourne on the 8th of March 2011, Marquez Comelab argues that religion is taking undue credit for something that is naturally human.

To argue his point of view, he begins by taking us back to envision ancient societies, discussing the Golden Rule, and three universal truths of human nature that allow, force and pressure us to behave. These three universal truths, he argues, predispose human beings to be moral.

Tuesday, 03 August 2010 22:04

Keeping Australia Secular

Written by

On Australia Day, 26th of January 2010, I joined a gathering among other Victorians to protest against the tactics used by religious organisations, specifically Catch The Fire Ministries in using scare tactics, instead of rational debate to discuss the issues that plague us today.

Here is a video of that day.

Unfortunately, issues like the National School Chaplaincy Program and the Internet Censorship Filter are not being debated now, with only a couple of weeks away from the election but I hope that videos like these over the next three years will help probe and investigate the impact of religious beliefs in our societies.

Please pass it around to your contacts or embed it to your site, blog or Facebook pages. Cheers!

Tuesday, 09 March 2010 22:07

The Atheist Age Interview

Written by

On Tuesday, 12th of January 2010, I had a fun time chatting to Andrew Rawlings and Elida Radig on their "The Atheist Age" Radio Program about The Tyranny Of God. Watch the YouTube presentations or download the MP3.